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urged Julius Murgor, MP for Kapenguria. The legislators observed that the areas along the border have had its developmen▓t ruined by the persistent raids and banditry with fami

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lies left in pangs o▓f ravaging poverty. Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner (PC) Hassan Noor who represented Kenya's Internal Security Minister Prof. George Saitoti challenged

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the MPs to be sincere in their quest to restore peace in the region. The Ministry of La▓bor and Social Security and the International Labor Organization have teamed up to train

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returning migrant workers in their hometowns. The first 2009 Start Your Business--SYB--training course began this week in Wuhan, the capital of central China鈥檚 Hubei Province

2007 - 2008

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Ming (1368-1644)

. Hu Li has the details. One of the trainees at the Xinzhou Employment Training Center is She▓n Hongmei, who raises beef cattle. When she found out about the SYB course, she knew

2007 - 2009

. When it came to the Qing p

eriod (1644-1911

it was f▓or her. farmer Shen Hongmei said, 鈥淚 was here two days ago to learn computer skills and by accident fo▓und the SYB class. The vivid case and in-depth ana▓lysis were so

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Most Recent

called the "Sulong

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attractive that I even forgot to ▓pick up my child from school.鈥?Shen Hongmei鈥檚 catt▓le farm didn鈥檛 make much money last year, partly d▓ue to higher feed costs. She was plannin


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g to give it up. She changed her mind after her teacher helped her analyze the local market. ▓BEIJING, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Foot-and-mouth disease was ▓found in eastern China's Sh

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anghai, said the Ministry of Agr▓iculture on Wednesday.On Feb. 3, 41 milch cow developed the symptom of foot-and-mouth disease in the Wusi cattle farm in Fengxian district on▓ th

how to use▓ deer.In 1635, the

Kemunikans c

e outskirts of Shanghai, while the disease was confirmed by national lab on Wednesday. Eme▓rgency measures were taken and some 440 cows in the cattle farm were culled. No outbreak


ame ▓under the domination of Manchu

rulers after

of the disease has been discovered outside the cattle farm yet. Foot-and-mouth disease found in ShanghaiDrought conditions in China's▓ southwestern region are affecting more than


the region,"

tage of drinking water. Drought control authorities and local governments have launched an immediate initiative, to look for new water sources. Yunnan province has been seriously hit by the drought. Xinguang village has become the first place in the province to benefit from t▓he new initiative. Its deep underground well has now started to pump water. Li Zhangcai, engineer of Yun▓nan Geological Survey & Design Institute, sa▓id, "We located the position for the well on March 4th. The next day, all equipment had been put▓ in place. " Villager said, "I'm so happy to see the new water resource." The deep well is able to p▓rovide drinking water for 2,000 people and more than 33 hundred cattle. Bangzhai villagers in Guizhou province ar▓e facing the difficulty of accessing water as well. Villagers had to spend half a day climbing down the mountain to fi▓nd water. After detecting it, the local government decided to build a water station for villagers. Local official Ni Zhijun said, "The capacity of the impending reservoir is around 150 cubic meters which can provide fresh water for residents and cattle and ensure some agricultural irrigation." Since the village is located i▓n a mountain area, heavy machinery cannot be used. Workers have to set up all the e▓quipment by hand. The total investment in the water station has reached 11 million yuan. On completion, it can ensure drinking water for 16,000 people ▓and 1,200 cattle.  Heavy snow and strong winds in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region have caused temperatures to plummet by 12 to 18 degrees Celsius.The snowstorm has resulted in highway disrupt

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